The over forty years’ experience of the professionals that make up the Nolac team is supported by the prestige of being one of the five engineering firms in Spain awarded the ECA Grupo Bureau Veritas quality certification. Our great value stems from our great team, which brings knowledge and talent to all our projects, whether national, on the Peninsula and the Canary and Balearic archipelagos, or elsewhere in the world.

We are very fortunate to be able to leverage synergies between the companies that comprise the group – Gaptek, Nolac Enginyers and Solid Home Housing – all offering maximum innovation in the construction sector.

Architects, public entities, developers and construction firms have relied faithfully on our services since 2003.

Anticipating market needs, Nolac offers its projects in BIM format. The advantages of building modelling added to Revit’s ability to work in infinite dimensions allow all project information to be entered in a single file. Planning, costs and measurements are some of the dimensions that can be incorporated into the model. So, the project goes from simply having plans to having a complete model of the building for both construction management and maintenance.

Nolac collaborated in the drafting and execution of the structural project of The Ó Building, the first building in Spain developed with Revit that incorporates seven dimensions.