Hotel Sidorme

Viladecans - Barcelona

The hotels of the Sidorme chain are known for being made primarily of modular buildings. So they are able to function as a building once assembled, we calculate the minimum number of profiles each module should have.

We’ve done this calculation for several of the hotels in the chain, including Sidorme Mollet, Sidorme Figueres, Sidorme Girona Salt, Sidorme Paterna, Sidorme Granollers, Sidorme Albacete, Sidorme Jerez, Sidorme Alcorcón, Sidorme Barajas, Sidorme Alcobendas, Sidorme Viladecans and Sidorme San Sebastián.

Among all of these, the slender circular pillars of Sidorme Barcelona Viladecans stand out.

  • Client: Hotels Bisnet
  • Architect: Jaume Ricart
  • Surface Area: 3.200 m2