Site Management

To ensure that the end result of the structural execution complies with the initial project and with the quality standards that we set ourselves, we offer site management throughout the project, until the structure is complete. There are countless advantages to having the person who has designed, calculated, projected and, ultimately, conceived the entire structure on site.

Knowledge of the structure, of the terrain by means of the geotechnical study, of the tests and the impact on neighbours, added to the day-to-day execution of the work, means that the project is a living, growing entity and that, sometimes, it is necessary to reconsider some of the solutions adopted for it. Our presence on site guarantees optimal and immediate on-site solutions, allowing us to anticipate possible contingencies and save money and time.

We deliver as-built plans to facilitate the final certifications and to ensure the availability of clear, organised and reliable documentation of everything done on the project.